Tribe #1:  The Executive Producers

B.A.M. will share information throughout the interactive expo using kiosks.  Kiosks benefit sponsors by driving exponential financial growth in industry as well as being a great resource for diagramming spaces.  -   see example media from Zivelo® below -  
(please note, Zivelo is not one of our sponsors, example only).

B.A.M. also prototypes kiosks and digital signage throughout the year for our sponsors.

  • Harambee Interactive Expo
  • Dallas, TX
  • 10k+ attendees
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Tribe #2:  Producers

The B.A.M. brands, encourages, showcases, and inspires the innovation used by fortune 1000, startups, and creatives to increase consumer awareness and support.

Our creativity is your success

We curate and showcase projects designing, developing, or supporting interactive technologoies manifested by our sponsors!

Creative challenges are our passion

Our designers and developers work closely together to build a creative and positive working expo. Functionality is as important to us as aesthetics.

Our work process


Meeting With The Sponsor

Every sponsorship begins a project. The first meeting is very important to get acquainted and discuss the main ideas of the project.


We Consider And Analyze The Work Plan

When we understand the main ideas, we proceed to discuss the work plan and analyze it.


Work Hard On The Project

Our professional team continues to work on the expo and embody details to support your sponsorship.


Once Again We Analyze And Check Everything

We meet, analyze and check the work we have done on the expo and supporting projects and make any necessary changes.


We Finish The Project And Setup The Sponsor

The project is completed and we communicate it to our sponsor. We also ask for sponsor’s feedback.

Tribe #3:  Directors

For every one artist, actor, or actress in front of the movie camera, there are dozens if not hundreds of professionals behind the camera that enable a media production to come to fruition.

B.A.M. has negotiated partnerships to organize technologies used by these professionals into a hybrid "makerspace" for access by sponsors during the expo and afterwards.  Seven categories of trending technologies are highlighted below.

"A scrap is something you recover specifically to use it to make something new."

DB Osseo Asare

"The physical space of kiosks trends toward a more democratic forum of expression."

written by

"You can stay in the real world and interact with real people as you simultaneously explore 3-D in 3-D."

spoken by Gadget Icon @

"I started thinking about frames (film) and what they represent. A frame is just a window."

spoken by Chris Milk

"The ultimate wearables are weavables, headables, and waistbeadables."


"Today, you can buy a cheap consumer drone that gives you the capability of flying up to seven or eight kilometers away."

spoken by Kamarul A. Muhamed @ TEDxSunwayUniversity

"artwork serves as a bridge through which I can reconcile and communicate collective cultural ideals"

written by Andrew F. Scott


designed to brag about

The Harambee Interactive Expo is designed for both large and small companies to thrive and grow through an experiential ecosystem that invites organizations to pay forward to trending and growing technologies of the future while incorporating diversity and inclusion.

Tribe #4:  The Publicists

The media you share, produce, and experience at the Denton Black Film Festival occurs during the channeling of four categories - interactive technologies, music, film, and creative arts.

These 4 categories pour a cultural buoyancy into any creative or marketing agency.

Reach different Audiences

Communicate different Ways

Tribe #5:  The Influencers

The ability to teach or train young people and office workers from a remote location will continue to be necessary and will not subsist. A tribe of teachers, trainers, and practitioners coworking together to not only transfer knowledge but to innovate that transference may be the single most important responsibility in the future.

Project-Based Learning

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